AQUA Licensing, LLC ("AQUA") is representing the following patent portfolios for a possible sale. The information contained on this site is for marketing purposes only and should not be construed as a legal opinion or assertion. For access to confidential material, which may include evidence-of-use, encumbrance information and non-published asset details, please contact
Portfolio Name Sector Seller Initial Bidding Guidance Status Number of US Patents
Fitness Tracker: User Data Analytics Wearables BodySpex Market Active 2 issued US patents, 1 pending US application
Optical Clearing of Biological Tissue Life Sciences/Medical Applied Tissue Optics, Inc. Market Active 2 issued US patents, 4 pending US applications, 3 foreign counterparts (EP, AU, GB)
Binary Pixel Imaging Portfolio Imaging Rambus, Inc. Market Active 23 Issued US Patents, 8 Pending US Applications, 19 Foreign Counterparts
OmniBar Browsing & Parsing of URL Strings Internet VeriSign, Inc. Market Active 1 US Patent
Audio URL Patent Portfolio Internet VeriSign, Inc. Market Active 3 Issued US Patents, 3 US Patent Applications, 2 Foreign Applications
Dynamic QR Code Generation Portfolio Internet VeriSign, Inc. Market Active 3 Issued US Patents, 1 Pending US Patent, 4 Foreign Counterparts (IN, EP)
Data Storage Technology Portfolio Network Storage Crossroads Systems, Inc. Sold Sold 111 Issued US Patents, 27 US Patent Applications, 3 Foreign Counterparts (DE, AU, EP)
Heart Rate Monitoring Technology for Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers and Medical Equipment Wearable Technology Impact Sports Technologies Sold Sold 32 Issued US Patents, 29 US Patent Applications
Instant Voice Messages Over Packet Switched (VOIP) Network Internet Confidential Sold Sold 5 Issued US Patents and 1 US Patent Application
60GHz and MIMO Technology Patent Portfolio Semiconductor Rambus, Inc. Sold Sold 30 total, 9 issued US patents, 1 allowed
Digital Imaging Patent Portfolio Smartphone, Digital Imaging VeriSign Inc. Sold Sold 40 Issued US patents
Secure Payment Patent Portfolio ePayments VeriSign, Inc. Sold Sold 25 Total, 4 US Issued, 1 Pending
Random Linear Network Coding Patent Portfolio Networking Code On Network Coding, LLC Sold Sold 40 Total, 15 issued, 5 international applications
Computing Device Enclosure Patent Portfolio Smartphone, Consumer Electronics, Personal Computer Sullivan Entities/ATD Sold Sold 8 Issued US patents, 10 Issued Foreign Patents, 35 Pending Applications
Audio/Video Server Patent Portfolio Consumer Electronics/ Streaming Media Clyp Engines Sold Sold 5 Issued US Patents
Wearable Technology Patent Portfolio Wearable Technology Confidential Sold Sold 23 Issued US Patents, 5 pending US Applications

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