Binary Pixel Imaging Portfolio

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Portfolio Name Binary Pixel Imaging Portfolio
Sector Imaging
Seller Rambus, Inc.
Assets 23 Issued US Patents, 8 Pending US Applications, 19 Foreign Counterparts
US Patents US9236409B2, US8648287B1, US9521337B1, US8633996B2, US9521349B2, US9185311B2, US8319855B2, US9521338B2, US9001251B2, US9344635B2, US9036065B1, US9380245B1, US9264643B1, US9241118B2, US9264639B2, US9432597B2, US9491391B2, US9438826B2, US9521351B1, US9001231B2, US9565385B1, US9225918B1, US9319605B2
Foreign Patents Korea, Republic of (KR) (WO 2014-055391) Korea, Republic of (KR) (WO 2014-200939) Japan 2013-517728 Japan (WO 2014-055391) Japan (WO 2014-144391) Japan (WO 2014-200939) European Patent 2904770 European Patent 2974280 European Patent 3008756 European Patent (WO 2015-084991) European Patent 3103255 China 102792671 China 104704812 China 105144699 China 105308747 China 105794203 China 105981370
Applications US20160269666A, US20150281613A1, US20160198108A1, US20160323524A1, US20160234447A1, US20160118424A1, US20160028985A1
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