Sell-Side Patent Brokerage Services

Companies sell patents for many reasons, including the reduction of non-core IP holdings, to raise working capital, and to maximize the value of an M&A exit.

The secondary patent market introduces liquidity to intellectual property that improves the return on R&D investments and enables companies to navigate quickly evolving markets.ATT Commerce OM

Patents are a highly specialized asset class that demands a sophisticated approach when transacting a sale. Understanding and articulating the assets value often requires specialized legal and engineering skills, as well as market drivers.

AQUA brings together investment banking, legal and engineering expertise and marries those skills with a deep understanding of the secondary patent market.

AQUA’s sell-side process is designed to maximize value of transacted assets. The process includes the production of compelling marketing material that clearly articulates the key value drivers, broadly marketing the assets to more than one thousand potential buyers, and expert negotiation with interested parties.

AQUA has built a reputation as a leading patent brokerage for getting the job done in a fair, open, honest and effective way. Our clients include a wide range of portfolio owners, including some of the largest patent holders in the world, mid-sized companies, individual scientists and inventors.

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“AQUA has a seasoned team that helped us maximize the value of a portfolio divestiture by using a very effective process.”

Craig Slayter
Vice President, Corporate Development
Rambus Inc.