Our Approach

Aqua Licensing, LLC takes a systematic approach to each engagement.

1. Referral

Aqua Licensing typically works to support a larger strategic initiative being managed by one of our investment banking partners. Engagements typically begin with a banker referral.

2. Discovery

The process starts with the development of a clear understanding of the company’s strategic objectives, whether M&A, funding or something else. The team also seeks to understand the available IP assets and how the company currently intends to leverage those assets in the operations of the its business.

3. Assessment

The team produces a detailed claim chart analysis of the IP assets complete with valuation estimates and marketing opportunities.

4. Strategy

Taking into consideration the discovery and assessment, the team develops a detailed marketing plan which is reviewed and approved by the company prior to launch.

5. Process Execution

With sign-off, the team executes the agreed strategy, driving towards an IP licensing that both meets the company’s strategic objectives. Status updates are reported frequently.

6. Transaction

The Aqua Licensing team, engages with the leading contender(s) resulting from the marketing process in negotiation of a strategic transaction agreement.