Wireless Technology Cluster Overview:

  • Includes 1301 patent families, having 2715 total assets (including 652  active issued US patents, 658 active foreign counterparts (NL, NZ, EP, TW, DE, MX, SE, CN, FR, HK, GB, IT, BR, ES, FI, IL, BE, CA, KR, IN, RU, AU, JP)
  • Earliest filing: 1998-01-07
  • Average lifespan: 6.9 years
  • Claims covering radio access networks, mobile core, radio frequency operation and functionality, antenna, and operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS)
  • Broad general coverage of 2G, 3G, and 4G, with certain coverage relevant to 5G and short range radio
  • Includes resource reservation, self organizing networks, signaling, emergency calling, service management, billing, and business support systems

Claims of the broad based Wireless cluster assets include all aspects of wireless communication, including base station, user equipment, telecommunications signal processing, transmission and receipt of wireless data, access channel functionality, power control, resource allocation, load balancing, packet switching, RF functionality, use of Walsh codes, and so forth.forward citations chart

Forward citation of the broad Wireless cluster is significant, as shown on the citation chart.

Numerous Wireless cluster assets have more than 100 forward citations, and assets in the Wireless cluster published more than approximately 10 years ago are significantly above citation to average patents.

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