Services Technology Cluster Overview:

  • Includes 1064 patent families, comprising 1952 total assets (including 535 active issued US patents, 1 pending US applications, 192 active foreign counterparts (JP, CA, GB, KR, SE, FR, IN, AU, EP, MX, ES, FI, CN, IT, DE, ZA))
  • Earliest filing: 1998-01-05
  • Average lifespan: 6.2 years
  • Covers areas including multimedia, content search, delivery and sharing, entertainment and gaming, streaming, internet protocol television (IPTV), and broadcast transmission
  • Also includes messaging in general, including email/web mail, SMS/MMM messaging, cloud messaging, social networking, chat, and instant messaging
  • Also covers maps and navigation, as well as location and context based services
  • This group covers cloud services and analytics, web services and browsing, security services, and e-commerce

The broad Services cluster includes assets having claims covering virtual reality, telecommunications systems, data transmission, web pages, data transfer, variable length encoding, wireless networking, bit rate issues and processing techniques, display techniques, video coding, and areas such as providing test harnesses, virtual chassis, and load balancing.forward citations chart

Looking at forward citations, the Services cluster includes one outlier asset having over 400 forward citations, and a grouping of numerous assets with over 100 citations. Such forward citations indicate a strong cluster having significant relevant value with respect to other patents issuing at the same time.

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