AQUA has been retained to manage the sale of a large telecommunications patent portfolio that was previously owned by Nokia and was developed by Alcatel-Lucent (“ALU”)/Bell Labs, Nokia Technologies and Nokia Networks.   The portfolio consists of 4,260 patent families, comprised of 6,069 granted patents and 734 patent applications.graph

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ALU was formed in 2006 through a combination of the Alcatel and Lucent Technologies businesses. The assets include patents from the former AT&T Bell Labs Laboratory, which is now owned by Nokia, following the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia.   The Portfolio is predominately made up of former ALU patents, which make up 82% of the assets offered.

The Nokia Technologies patents in this portfolio predominantly originated from the former Devices and Services business of Nokia. Though the business was divested to Microsoft in 2014, Nokia retained the intellectual property in its Nokia Technologies business. 15% percent of the Portfolio originates from Nokia Technologies.

Nokia Siemens Networks was formed in 2007 through a combination of Nokia’s networks business and Siemens’ carrier-related operations for fixed and mobile networks. Following the purchase of Siemens’ share in 2013, the business was ultimately renamed Nokia Networks. 3% of the assets in the Portfolio originated from Nokia Networks.

The three portfolios have different encumbrance information, which is detailed in an encumbrance schedule available under NDA.   The encumbrance schedule includes an extensive white list and the details of other restrictions on the portfolio.

The Portfolio includes patent families from six technology clusters; Wireless, Services, IP and Networks, Access Fixed and Optical Networks, Hardware and Components and User Experience, Mechanics and Materials.

The portfolio is being made available for cash purchase, in whole or in part, on a first-come, first-served basis. Offers will be considered for large or small lots, although individual families will not be broken.

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