Portfolio Name AT&T Mobile Commerce and Payments
Sector Mobile Commerce and Payment
Seller AT&T
Assets 46 issued US patents, 7 pending US patent applications, and 5 foreign counterparts (PCT, JP, SE)
US Patents US8620734B2, US7343174B2, US8177127B2, US7628325B2, US6339765B1, US8690053B2, US6715679B1, US8781902B2, US8438063B2, US7849013B2, US9547783B2, US9317846B2, US9038890B2, US8718669B2, US6996579B2, US8788349B2, US7360692B2, US7580873B1, US7621458B2, US7097108B2, US8438073B2, US9424605B2, US8732022B2, US7418451B2, US9129273B2, US8971590B2, US8750577B2, US7657463B1, US7007000B2, US7110987B2, US8369584B2, US9280772B2, US9037492B2, US8233673B2, US7681789B2, US7926717B2, US8079513B2, US9569764B2, US8374916B2, US5949045A, US9436942B2, US8955747B2, US8430304B2, US8818867B2, US7769634B2, US9519899B2
Foreign Patents PCT/US03/36860 PCT/US03/04650 JP2015-075812 SE1083527 PCT/US2010/053320
Applications US14/254634 US61/219545 US15/430808 US60/065962 US61/219530 US15/488582 US14/635282
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